Balloon Barnyard "Trailer"

Balloon Barnyard “Season One”

Project for Like A Photon Creative

Follow the adventures of Pip and Streak, two loveable balloon donkeys with superhero ambitions, who work together to solve problems and mysteries around the barnyard with their fellow balloon friends.

A great job by a big team all here at The Post Lounge:

Executive Producer: Steve Cooper

Animation Producer: Kurt Royan

Post Production Producer: Amanda Sharp

Character Design: Simon Clarke, Paul Gillett
Modelling: Damian Castellini, Tony Moore, Simon Clarke
Additional Modelling: Grace Bateman
Rigging: Damian Castellini, Tony Moore, Sven Trotter
Texture Artist: Damian Castellini

Senior Animators: Simon Clarke, Tony Moore
Animators: Damian Castellini, David Kammann, David Armstrong, Sarah O’Halloran, Matt Whitehead, Joanne Laidlow
Additional Animation: Chantelle Ryan, Esther Callaghan-Martin, Elijah Powell, Isabel Fernandez, Grace Bateman, Liam Harris, Yuqi Zhou

Layout: Sarah O’Halloran, David Kammann, David Armstrong

Lighting/Rendering: Daniel Aubin, Sarah O’Halloran, David Kammann
Additional Lighting: Liam Whitehouse, David Armstrong, Alex Hartwin

Editor: Sam Stokes
Editor Assist: Paul Kudell

Colourist: Kali Bateman

Design and Effects: Phillip Radford
Compositing: Luke Rossiter
Compositing Attachment: Ryan Spiers

Sound Designer: Ben Stewart
Sound Mixer: Ben Stewart

Executive Producer

Steve Cooper

Animation Producer

Kurt Royan

Post Producer

Amanda Sharp


Sam Stokes

Assistant Editor

Paul Kudell


Kali Bateman

Design and Effects

Phillip Radford


Luke Rossiter

Sound Designer

Ben Stewart

Sound Mixer

Ben Stewart

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