"The Coming Back Out Ball" Trailer

The Coming Back Out Ball Movie

Project for CBOB Films

A heartfelt, observational documentary, The Coming Back Out Ball Movie follows a number of older members of the LGBTQI community as they prepare for ‘The Coming Back Out Ball’ itself, an event held in Melbourne’s Town Hall in 2017. The ball was designed to celebrate their lives and honour their experiences as pioneers against oppression and homophobia. It happened to fall in October – right in the middle of the national debate surrounding marriage equality – adding an extra layer of poignancy and importance to the night.

Through intimate interviews the vibrant personalities and remarkable life stories of each character is revealed, painting a moving portrait of the beauty of diversity and the necessity of its acceptance.

World Premiere: Melbourne International Film Festival 2018.


Kali Bateman

Online Editor

Alan Bennett

Titles & Credits

Phillip Radford

Mastering and Deliverables

Alan Bennett

Post Producer

Kurt Royan

Post Production Coordinator

Ela Furdas

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