"In Like Flynn" Trailer

In Like Flynn

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In 1930, before Errol Flynn became one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood, a young Errol, braving cannibals and crocodiles searched the jungles of Papua New Guinea for his Eldorado. While serving as a guide for a Hollywood producer, Errol discovers a map on a dead prospector that he believes will lead to a fortune in gold. Back on the streets of Depression-era Sydney, Flynn rounds up a ragtag crew to help him find the gold, including Rex, a Canadian exbootlegger, Dook, an English gentleman handy with a pistol and Charlie, a grizzled old salt. After stealing the Sirocco, a yacht belonging to Chinese Opium smugglers, Flynn and crew set sail. They quickly learn just how perilous a voyage up the Australian east coast can be, running afoul of drunken cowboys, corrupt cops and local thugs before being intercepted by the Chinese smugglers, who are hell-bent on retrieving their Sirocco and the several pounds of opium stashed in the hold. As Flynn and crew make a final dash for New Guinea, they encounter their greatest foe yet, nature itself and sailing straight into a treacherous reef.


VFX Supervisor

Steve Cooper

VFX Producer

Amanda Sharp


Kali Bateman


Jana Casanovas, Jay McGuinness & Phillip Radford

Digital Dailies

Paul Kudell

Titles & Credits

Phillip Radford

Online & Mastering

Alan Bennett & Paul Kudell

Post Producer

Kurt Royan

Post Production Coordinator

Mitchell Carr

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