Little Tornadoes

Little Tornadoes

Project for Little Tornadoes PTY LTD

Introverted Leo is a steelworker at his small town’s local plant. After his wife abandons him without explanation, leaving him to care for their two young children, he is bereft – barely able to cook a decent meal or keep the household running. So when a recently-arrived Italian colleague suggests that his sister, Maria, act as surrogate homemaker, Leo reluctantly accepts. But can one woman’s warm, nurturing presence fill the void left by another, and can Leo yield to the winds of change?

The accomplished second narrative feature from Aaron Wilson with moody, textural cinematography by Stefan Duscio, Little Tornadoes conjures a rural backwater that is both specific to its 1970s setting and almost untethered from time, with outstanding performances from Mark Leonard Winter, Robert Menzies and Silvia Colloca (Van Helsing). The Post Lounge provided offline hire, conform, online editing and grade for this production.

Post Producer

Claire Perry


CJ Dobson

Online Editor

Alan Bennett

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