'Love Crimes' Teaser

Love Crimes – Hayden Thorpe

Project for Tojohage Productions

Love Crimes is the debut single from Hayden Thorpe, frontman of UK indie-pop band Wild Beasts. The song is from Thorpe’s solo LP, Diviner, released in May 2019. Thorpe has described Love Crimes as a song about self sabotage: “It’s a state of remaining between worlds, for not feeling fully safe in either. And ultimately, making a decision that disregards an understood outcome in order to make space for inner freedom.” The music video was directed by Alexandra Liveris and Scott Corfield and was shot on the iconic Fingal Heads coastline.

The Post Lounge provided full picture post including editing by Sue Schweikert ASE, colour grade by Kali Bateman with online, mastering and deliverables for international release completed at TPL’s Brisbane studio.

Post Production Executive Producer

Kurt Royan

Post Producer

Bronwyn Ketels


Sue Schweikert ASE


Kali Bateman

Post Production Assistant

Tyson Yates

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