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Project for Umbrella Entertainment

Patrick, a remake of the 1978 Australian thriller film of the same name, will be officially released in selected cinemas on October 17 through Umbrella Entertainment. The film is based on a mysterious coma patient known as Patrick, who develops a deadly and bloody obsession with his carer (Kathy) played by Sharni Vinson. The film is set in a remote private clinic, which is run by the notorious Dr Sebastian Roget played by Charles Dance and also features Rachel Griffiths as Matron Cassidy. Patrick was overseen by the film’s original producer Antony I. Ginnane and was directed by Mark Hartley, who also directed the Ozploitation-focused documentary Not Quite Hollywood. Patrick is Hartley’s first dramatic feature as Director. ”There’s enough nods and touches in there for people who love the original, and we’re reverent to it, but we’re certainly not making the same film. It’s very much our own” says Hartley. The Post Lounge was instrumental in producing over 400 visual effects shots for the new version of the film with visual effects supervisor, Steve Cooper, working very closely with Mark Harley to bring his vision to the screen. “I relished the opportunity to work with Mark who is an extremely talented film maker” says Cooper, “we worked very well together and it was great to partner within such a collaborative environment”. When asked about his experience working with the Post Lounge, Hartley responded, “It was a genuinely wonderful experience working with Steve Cooper and his troupe of very talented artists at The Post Lounge. They created over 400 visual effect shots for PATRICK that ranged from elaborate matte painting and heavily enhanced CGI sequences to a multitude of simple fix ups. Their work was not only outstanding, it was way above and beyond what was initially planned – and it was delivered in record time! Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for the team – and as an on-set supervisor, Coops was invaluable. The shoot was tough and tight, but Steve quickly solved every problem we threw at him – and on many occasions, made our insanely ambitious shot list achievable. I’ve been kindly told that PATRICK has a polished, International look to it – and a large part of that is due to The Post Lounge’s very fine work. It goes without saying that I’m very much looking forward to our next collaboration”.

VFX Supervisor

Steve Cooper

VFX Supervisor

Doron Man

3D Animation

Manolo Mantero

3D Animation

Michael Yates

3D Animation

Jordan Bartlett

Titles & Credits

Phillip Radford

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