Rise Of The Eco Warriors - Trailer

Rise Of The Eco Warriors

Project for Virgo Productions

The Post Lounge Senior Colourist, Nuala Sheridan, has journeyed to the jungles of Borneo and back without having left the grading suite for our recent project Rise of the Eco Warriors.

This feature documentary follows a group of fifteen passionate young ambassadors from around the world, who enlist to be ‘Eco Warriors’ and spend 100 days in Borneo with the shared vision to confront deforestation and save endangered orangutans.

Producer/Director Cathy Henkel and crew faced many challenges in documenting this journey, from lack of funding and funding delays to confronting location conditions and environments.

Nuala embraced the challenge of creating the looks and grade for the film from over 100 days of multi-camera footage following four separate groups and the results are fantastic.

Rise of the Eco Warriors is currently enjoying a cinematic release Australia wide, which includes school screenings and Q&A sessions with Cathy. “I hope that they will walk out of the cinema and feel inspired to do just one thing,” Henkel said. “To recognise that every individual does matter and every action, no matter how small, counts.”

The Eco Warriors continue to raise funds and spread their message via online and social media platforms. For screening information visit www.ecowarriorsrise.com or join over 27,000 fans on http://www.facebook.com/ecowarriorsrise.com.


Nuala Sheridan

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