RocKabul Trailer


Project for No Thing Productions and Argus Productions

RocKabul chronicles Afghanistan’s first heavy metal band and the very real threats to this mode of expression – and, in turn, the band members’ very lives – in a country in turmoil. Australian Journalist and Filmmaker Travis Beard spent ten years in Afghanistan, recording parts of life hardly seen in the Western media. The resulting documentary offers rare insight into life on the fringes of Afghan society, and the coming of age of five young men striving for freedom and personal identity in the most unforgiving of circumstances.

Nominated for Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Australian Documentary.

World Premiere: Rotterdam International Film Festival 2018

Australian Premiere: Sydney International Film Festival 2018

Other Festival Screenings:

  • Revelation International Film Festival, Perth Australia
  • River film Festival, Padua, Italy
  • Reykjavik Deathfest, Iceland
  • NordicDocs, Norway
  • Dokfest, Norway
  • Cinemateket Film Festival, Norway
  • Middle East Now Film Festival, Italy
  • Titanic International Film Festival, Hungary
  • Inferno Extreme Metal Festival, Norway
  • Weesp Refugee Film Festival, Netherlands
  • Kosmorama Festival, Norway


Kali Bateman

Motion Graphics

Phillip Radford

Titles & Credits

Phillip Radford

Online Editor

Alan Bennett

Mastering and Deliverables

Alan Bennett

Post Production Executive Producer

Steve Cooper & Kurt Royan

Post Producer

Ela Furdas

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