The Butterfly Tree "Trailer"

The Butterfly Tree

Project for Midwinter Films

Following the death of his mother, 13 year-old Fin (Ed Oxenbould) has retreated into a fantasy world of butterflies and other insects. Meanwhile his father Al (Ewen Leslie) drowns his sorrows in a sea of one-night stands and ill-advised short-term relationships. When Evelyn (Melissa George) moves into the neighbourhood to set up a new florist, she becomes the object of affection for both Fin and Al – and ultimately brings their own bitter conflict to the surface.

VFX Supervisor

Steve Cooper

Post Producers

Kurt Royan & Bronwyn Ketels

Post Production Coordinator

Mitchell Carr


Kali Bateman

Titles & Credits

Phillip Radford

Digital Dailies

Paul Kudell


Paul Kudell

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