The Clearing

The Clearing

Project for Wooden Horse

The Clearing is an eight-part psychological thriller television series inspired by the dark story of a real-life cult with a female leader. Directed by Jeffrey Walker and Gracie Otto, is it based on the book “In the Clearing” by J. P. Pomare; a fictionalised account of the Australian New Age group The Family, and stars Miranda Otto, Teresa Palmer, and Guy Pearce.

T‍his project for Wooden Horse is now streaming on Disney+ in Australia, and internationally on Hulu.

TPL’s services included: Digital Dailies (in-facility and near-set), Offline Facilities, Grade, Online, VFX, Finishing and Mastering, and HDR Deliverables.

Executive Post Producer

Kurt Royan

Head Of Post Production

Bronwyn Ketels

Post Producer

Claire Perry

VFX & Online Editor

Jack Mason

Online Assist

Kale Elbourne

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